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Sarah Lessire was born in Belgium, in 1989. Vocalist, composer, music producer and author, she graduated from the Royal Conservatories of Brussels and Mons in classical singing at the age of 21. Under an acronym, she released her first album -Land Of Blue- in 2012, in which Jazz and Pop merge around intimate lyrics.

After a few years of musical exploration in San Francisco, New Orleans and Berlin, she recorded a shorter opus - Silent Songs - under her own name, with a focus on soundscaping, atmospheric renditions, and storyline. With Silent Songs, she craved new niche between ethereal realms and earthy songwriting. This project which features American cellist Natasha Jaffe, Australian percussive guitarist Geordie Little , and Japanese pianist Rieko Okuda was produced by Piers Caldwell. The opus invites the listeners into deep tissues of subdued sounds and leads them through by the tender thread of an authentic, vulnerable and inescapably human heart.

Now based in Los Angeles, she continues to fine tune her sound which blends voluptuous contemporary jazz and odd rhythm signatures with uncanny melodic lines that borrow from pop and world music.

Sarah Lessire is currently the leader of Chamber Neosoul band  Ions And Eras. Their first EP came out in February of 2018.


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