I’m a content strategist and writer, and I specialize in creating a consistent and authentic voice for companies and individuals.

I offer various web and print writing services to businesses in the health, food, wellness, arts&culture, travel and music realms. 

I work in close collaboration with clients to establish a writing style, tone and message that authentically reflect their company's values and character.
I create tailored and SEO-optimized monthly marketing packages (set number of newsletters, blogposts, social media posts, articles, etc.) as well individual publications (business plans, booklets, proposals, etc.)

I have a knack for pinpointing and expressing what makes a brand or person unique and relatable.

I understand how to grow and nurture specifically targeted audiences. By identifying their particular pain points and desires, I can provide them with value and deepen their trust and kinship with a brand.

After examining a company’s position, current audience and short & long-term goals, as well as their existing Content & Marketing operations, I design strategies that leverage their strengths to generate presence and traffic in areas that would be most impactful.

I aim to develop smart and dynamically interdependent systems of diffusions of brand and conversion assets.

I take on the production of written content, and can direct the creation of video assets.
I work in close collaboration with my clients to refine a tone that captures their personality, while complying with the specific requirements and tailoring to the typical user behavior of a chosen platform.


I am in love with the process of finding a perfect formula. Years of composition and songwriting have informed my appreciation of text rhythm and melody. They refined my capacity for both finding the most compelling combination of words, and delivering it in a way that grabs and sustains an audience’s attention.

I’ve accumulated experience with the following specific items:


  • Brand Voice

  • Content & Communications Strategy

  • E-commerce Marketing & Customer Journeys

  • Email Sequences

  • Ads Copy

  • Website Content

  • Blog articles

  • LinkedIn Growth & Content

  • Newsletters

  • Business Plan Copy

  • Ghostwriting



Some of my most recent and current clients include culture and future of work oriented companies such as Live Grey and Team Theory, media consulting agencies such as Telos, and natural health companies, such as Annmarie Gianni Skin Care and Synchro.


There are two things that I look for when partnering with a new company:

Exceptional people and a purpose-driven mission.


I have worked with some of the most brilliant, genuine and kind individuals I’ve ever met. Engaging in collaboration with them has been a continued source of growth and delight, and this is is the spirit in which I wish to associate with my future teammates.

I am a remote, LA-based independent contractor, and my compensation is either time or project-based. It depends on the type of work and the long-term value of the assets I create.

Feel free to reach out at sarahlessire@gmail.com if you wish to connect or have any questions.