Let Us drop the self-consciousness, and find pleasure and freedom in our voice

I am a trained Vocalist and Composer teaching in the Los Angeles, Los Feliz/Thai Town Area.
I have had extensive Classical and Jazz vocal training at the Royal Conservatories of Brussels and Mons, and I have extended experience in Jazz, Soul, RnB, pop, folk, Rock, Musical Theater, and World Music.

The lessons I give aim to establish a solid vocal technique, proper breathing and throat relaxation in order to cultivate the student's own unique voice, and help them sing their style of music with more confidence, ease and fun.
Through the method I use, one learns to:

  • Develop an awareness and mastery of the floating ribs, thoracic cage, diaphragm, larynx, tongue, soft and hard palate and jaw.
  • Broaden their vocal range, perfect their pitch and refine their ear, develop both volume and softness, master their vibrato, and start working on more acrobatic ornaments.
  • Find and develop their authentic expression and musicality, by working on dynamics, nuances, phrasing, emotional resonance and original interpretation.

My teaching method is influenced by Feldenkrais and Somatics, and aims to create new, healthier neural pathways in the voice delivery and singing activity.

In addition to singing lessons, I offer songwriting coaching and voice therapy ( spoken AND singing voice, for people whose voices crack, dim over time, don't have enough volume, etc...)

All styles of music, levels and ages are welcome.

Location & Hours                                                  

Los Angeles, Thai Town / Los Feliz.   
Mon - Sun 10pm - 7pm


Single Lesson : $85
Monthly discounts:
Adults : 55min/week = $320/month
Kids : 35 min/week = $240/month
Semi-Individual (kids&teens): 50min/week = $160/month


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For more information on singing Lessons, Feel free to contact me through this form with any question you may have, or to give me a call at 985 302 6248.


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Students Reviews

"Sarah does a fantastic job of making her students feel at ease and catering her lessons toward their specific needs. Because of her lessons, I feel more comfortable singing in a wider vocal range and my breathing technique feels vastly improved. She is a very positive and accommodating instructor, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone."
- James R.
"Sarah was great for me. She helped open up my voice a lot, yes, but she also helped quiet the demons surrounding musical & lyrical composition, too. She worked to my needs and respected my journey. If she hadn't moved to LA, I'd still be with her. Worth it."
- Paul M.

"Sarah is amazing! She is a truly present, heartfelt, grounded, and intuitive teacher and guide. I enjoyed the time I spent with her greatly and I've continued to use the tools she shared with me. I felt seen and heard and deeply encouraged in our lesson. She has very special gifts!"
- Heather F.

"After I got over the initial fear of singing at our first session I started looking forward to the lessons. After a short time I was hitting notes I had no idea I could hit. I found myself enjoying singing. Me! The idea still seems crazy. The best decision I made in a long time when it comes to being a musician (guitarist) was taking lessons from Sarah. Great sense of humor, patience, and ability. So glad I took the chance and did it."
- Matt H.

"Sarah is a magician! I had no Idea that I could sing at all! I'll definitely continue getting lessons. She has taught me so many unexpected tricks and tips to make singing easy."
- Corey C.

"I had a really good first lesson with Sarah. We jumped right into the core of what I wanted to work on. She knows what she is doing and she is very creative about it. Highly recommend."
- Vera G.

"Great teacher with in depth knowledge and skills. Focused on what I want and what I need in equal measure. Used many techniques and styles to find the best process for me. Looked for new ways to help me towards my goal each week. Great intelligent, creative collaborative teacher. Excellent!"
- Perry L.

"I was looking for help with my voice for when I do presentations without a PA system. My voice had been getting strained after a couple of days of presentations, so much so I was concerned I would have to cut back. After a few sessions with Sarah, and using the techniques she recommended - I was able to do 2-3 days of presentations without vocal strain." 
- Denver M.

"I've done about a month worth of lessons with Sarah in the bay before she left. That was unfortunate, because I would have really loved to continue training with her. I was a complete beginner when we started, but even after a few weeks I already felt more confident in my voice. I also like the comprehensive lesson format: we focused on the basics, did warm-ups, and then practiced on a song or two.

Sarah is a talented, supportive teacher, and can be very flexible to accommodate your needs. She helped me find songs that would fit my voice (I'm a baritone, so it was kind of hard) and taught me to tap into the emotional energy of the song to bring it out in my own voice. After each lesson I would walk home smiling and singing to myself."
- Alexei A.

"Quick ear.  Compassionate and fun ways to help drop self- consciousness and stretch your capacity."
- Carolyn B.

"Sarah has given the confidence to sing and has taught me basics of musical interpretation and a solid technique. She's also fun and makes people feel at ease. I highly recommend her.
- Quentin D.